Shout out to Carlos Benavides, the coffee guy for the animators of Disney’s Frozen

You go, Carlos.



big kitties look at themselves for the first time

omg big dumb babies

Game of Thrones meme - seven quotes - [4/7] 

"This is what ruling is ."

there’s a boy who lives 2 miles north of me who loves me so much that it makes him cry
I don’t let him touch me and when he told me I was breaking his heart, I pretended not to hear

there’s a boy who lives a mile south of me and I let him kiss me on Friday night so I didn’t feel alone but all I could taste was the tequila
and when he asked me to stay the night, I called a cab

there’s a boy who lives three miles west of me and his touch is still smoldering inside my skin
tiny fires burning through my blood
I saw him holding hands with another girl today and threw up in the bathroom of the library,
skipped class to rest my face against the cold porcelain of the toilet bowl

I tell myself that I’ll know when it’s right,
that there will be someone new
and when he gives me his hand,
I’ll finally relax mine from the fist I’ve been holding it in since October

but I know myself better than this
I am vicious
in my nightmares,
he walks away with bite marks
and blood dripping from his fingers

Fortesa Latifi - this isn’t what they meant they meant when they taught me geography (via madgirlf)



→MTV Cribs with King Louis XVI (x)

Jason Schwarzman is the literal best person who ever lived.


The Lion King Soundtrack: We Are One

"We are one, you and I
We are like the earth and sky
One family under the sun”